An electric garage door opener is definitely a convenience. With a push of a button, you have instant access into and out of your garage; or at least that is what’s supposed to happen. If your garage door is old and outdate, a feature that should be a convenience can turn into a major inconvenience; not to mention a serious hazard.Garage Door Installation In Worcester helps you with quick and safely installation needs of door, openers, spring and roll up.

Not sure if you should change out your old electric garage door opener? Here’s a look at five great reasons that will definitely convince you to invest in an upgrade.

Two Words: Automatic Reversal

All garage doors are equipped with automatic reversal. It’s a safety feature that utilizes two sensors; if an object (a person or a dog, for example) passes through the sensors when the garage door is closing, it will automatically stop and reverse.

Garage Door Opener Repair In Worcester

Garage Door Opener Repair In Worcester

If your electric garage door opener predates 1993, the date when automatic reversal systems were required in all door openers, then you really need to consider investing in a modern model that is equipped with this feature. If your door opener does have this feature but it isn’t working properly, replacing it with a new one is also highly recommended. Without automatic reversal, you run the risk of serious injuries every time you use the opener.
Increased Security

If you have a dated garage door opener, your home is more prone to theft. That’s because older remotes work with a fixed code, and with the use of a specialized device, someone with ill intentions could easily locate the code and open the door.

Modern electric garage door openers are outfitted with a feature that is known as a rolling code. This feature alters the access code each time the opener is used, which means that no one can copy the code. By updating your garage door opener, you will significantly increase the safety of your home and your family.

Smoother Operation

If you’re garage door opener is so loud that it feels like your whole house is shaking and it wakes everyone in your home – and even your neighbors – then replacing it with a new one is almost guaranteed to correct the problem.Choose Garage Door Service in Worcester for door repairing needs.Older electric garage door openers were operated via a chain drive, and they are notorious for being loud. Newer models are operated with either a belt- or screw-drive, and they run significantly quieter and smoother. Note: screw drive models are quiet, but belt drive models are the quietest.

Backup Power

As the name implies, electric garage door openers are powered by electricity. That means that if there’s ever a power outage – you guessed it! – you won’t be able to access open or close the door.

To prevent this problem, newer garage door openers feature a backup battery. If the power goes out, the system will automatically go into effect, which means that you will be able to use the door opener with no problem.If your current electric garage door opener isn’t outfitted with a backup battery, then you should seriously consider investing in a new opener that is.

Full Connectivity

The advent of technology has made it possible to turn on lights, lock doors, close curtains, and more, via smartphones, tablets, and other devices. If you want to turn your house into a true smart home, then you should look into replacing your old electric garage door opener.

Many well-known manufactures now offer smart garage door openers. With one of these modern devices, you’ll be able to open and close your garage from your phone or tablet, wherever you are. Some garage door openers even have built-in WiFi and can be operated with voice commands. Talk about total convenience!

Make a Great Investment: Upgrade Your Outdated Electric Garage Door Opener Today

The entire purpose of a garage door opener is convenience; but, if it’s old and outdated, instead of being a handy feature, it can become a major hassle. Older electric garage door openers simply aren’t equipped with the same features that modern devices offer. They don’t run as smoothly, they can put the safety of your home and loved ones in jeopardy, and they can cease to work in the event of a power outage; or simply as a result of malfunctioning.Overhead Garage Door Opener Service In Worcester offers quality services at best prices.

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If you’re finding that you have to constantly push that button to open or close the door, if the door isn’t opening or closing all the way, if it’s obnoxiously loud, or if it’s just archaic, it’s time to consider replacing the opener. By updating your antiquated door opener with a newer model, you’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that your home and loved ones are safe; plus, you will be able to take advantage of more modern technologies that will make this feature even more convenient.


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