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How do I choose a good garage door company?

When it comes to choosing the right garage door company, it's essential to follow some key steps to ensure you're making the best choice. Start by asking for references then take the time to review these references well. This can provide valuable insights into the company's reputation.

Additionally, be on the lookout for signs that indicate the company's legitimacy and expertise. Check for proper licensing as well, which can be a strong indicator of professionalism and the quality service.

    What is a garage door tune-up?

    A garage door tune-up is not a complete replacement but rather a thorough inspection and any necessary minor repairs to keep your garage door in optimal working condition.

    Our garage door tune-up includes an extensive 18-point inspection, covering tasks like:

    • Checking the springs, cables, hardware, and opener
    • Making essential adjustments
    • Lubricating all relevant components

    Can I do work on my garage door?

    While simple tasks like lubricating or tightening a hinge can be handled on your own if you're comfortable, more complex work is best left to the professionals. For example, it's crucial to avoid adjusting or attempting to remove the door's springs, cables, or bottom fixtures, as these components are under high tension and pose a severe risk of injury.

      Can I replace a section of my garage door or do I need to replace the whole door?

      In case your garage door has been damaged, you might be wondering whether you need to replace the entire door or just a section. The answer depends on the extent of the damage. Our experienced representatives can assess your situation and provide recommendations tailored to your specific needs, and the best part is, we offer this consultation at no charge.

        Why is my garage door opening and closing by itself?

        If you've ever wondered why your garage door seems to open or close on its own, several issues might be at play. One common culprit is a short in the circuit board, which can lead to these erratic movements. However, if it's not a circuit board short, there could be problems with other components, such as the wall button, wall button wiring, wired keypad, or electronic issues.

        It's also worth considering the possibility of a malfunctioning remote or remote batteries that are running low, which can cause unintended door movements.

        By following these guidelines and understanding these key aspects of garage door care, you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions and ensure your garage door is in excellent working condition. However, if you have any questions or doubts, contact us and we will gladly assist you with any garage door issues you encounter.

          What should I look for when I need to buy a new garage door?

          When the time comes to install a new garage door for your brand-new home or replace your existing one, there are several crucial factors that deserve your attention:

          • Material
          • Type
          • Style and color
          • Size
          • Insulation
          • Decorative options

          How much does a garage door cost?

          The cost of a garage door can fluctuate based on factors such as its size, durability, customized design, and insulation properties. But don't worry; our knowledgeable sales team is here to assist you in making an informed choice that perfectly matches your home. We're dedicated to helping you find the ideal garage door to suit your needs.

            Should I use a professional installer?

            Garage doors stand as the most sizable moving components in both your home and place of business. Installing these doors involves a high level of technical expertise. In particular, the springs can be quite hazardous, and ensuring proper installation is crucial not only for the door's functionality but also for the safety of everyone who interacts with it. The proficient technicians from 'Garage Door Repair – Same Day Service' can often complete a door installation within just a few hours, all while diligently ensuring that every safety standard is met. Opting for a professional installation not only saves you time but also provides assurance that your door will operate safely and efficiently.

              Can I use my existing opener on a new door?

              Indeed, the opener should adhere to specific reversal criteria to ensure safety and prevent entrapment. These regulations are established by both State and Federal authorities, as stipulated in UL-325 guidelines. We begin by verifying the existing units, initially by checking the serial number and manufacturer's name, followed by assessing their proper installation, and finally, evaluating their overall condition. If we find that a compliant machine isn't functioning correctly or that a machine isn't in compliance, our installation technician will label it and communicate the reasons for this label to you.

                My door makes a lot of noise. Should I be concerned?

                In many instances, that bothersome squeaking noise arises from older spring coils coming into contact with each other. Fortunately, this doesn't pose a safety risk and can be resolved by applying a spray-on lubricant or running a thin line of motor oil across the top of each spring. If these remedies fail to silence the door, it's advisable to err on the side of caution and reach out to our service department for professional assistance and adjustments to your door.

                  Do you take credit cards or checks?

                  We happily accept payments in various forms, including cash, checks, and major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. Please note that for all door purchases, we kindly request a 50% down payment at the time of purchase. Your flexibility in payment options is greatly appreciated!

                    What is the warranty?

                    Our commitment to quality extends to our warranties. When you invest in new doors and openers, you can rest assured with a minimum one-year warranty on both material and workmanship. Additionally, we proudly offer a generous five-year warranty specifically covering springs. Some of our doors and openers even come with extended material warranties beyond that initial year. For any service or repair work, our warranties cover 90 days on parts and 60 days on labor. Your peace of mind is our priority!

                      Is it safe for me to repair my own garage door spring?

                      If you don't have experience in replacing a garage door spring, it's highly recommended to entrust this task to a qualified door mechanic. You see, the spring and counterbalance system is specifically designed to effortlessly lift doors that can weigh over three hundred pounds! Handling the immense torque generated by a torsion spring is not for the inexperienced and should be avoided at all costs. Extension springs also store a significant amount of potential energy, and countless individuals have suffered preventable injuries by making, even a small, wrong move. Your safety is our priority!

                        Why won't my garage door open?

                        Often, a garage door refuses to budge due to a malfunction in the counterbalance mechanism, like a broken extension or torsion spring. If you have an electric opener and it remains eerily silent when activated, try troubleshooting by disconnecting the opener. You can do this by pulling the emergency release and manually lifting the door. If the door responds to your manual efforts, the issue likely lies with the opener itself. Check if there is power flowing to the outlet that supplies the opener; if there's power but the opener still refuses to cooperate, it's time to schedule a service call with a skilled professional. However, if the problem is related to the counterbalance mechanism, you should entrust the repairs to a qualified door mechanic. Your solution is just a call away!

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