Commercial garage door repair

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial garage doors must be highly durable to withstand the rigors of frequent use over the years. It's a significant investment, particularly for a new business establishment, and it requires thorough research to make the best and most suitable choice for your commercial garage doors. You can reach out to our team at Same Day Service for professional installation or repairs of your commercial garage doors. We provide same-day service to address any issues promptly and prevent further damage to garage doors in need of repair.

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Types of Garage Doors for Business

  • Overhead Garage Door

    The overhead garage door is a popular choice for commercial applications. It operates by moving along a rail until it's positioned horizontally near the ceiling. One of its notable advantages is that it can be conveniently controlled via remote, allowing for effortless access to the building. Additionally, it can still be manually operated when the need arises.

  • Garage Door Roll-Up

    Commonly found in commercial buildings, especially warehouses, the roll-up garage door is ideal for areas like loading docks, accommodating large trucks and machinery, such as forklifts, during material unloading. These doors are operated using a wall-mounted lifting mechanism.

  • Fire-Rated Garage Door

    Primarily utilized in parking garages and distribution centers, fire-rated garage doors are often constructed from stainless steel to provide resistance against external noise and fire hazards. Notably, they are equipped with an automatic closing feature that activates in case of a fire emergency. While they are electronically operated, they can also be manually controlled in specific situations.

  • Garage Door Sectional

    Sectional garage doors are commonly employed in storage facilities. Depending on their intended use and location, these doors can be constructed from steel or aluminum. When it comes to areas where the loading and unloading of materials and products occur, steel is the preferred material to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

  • Insulated Garage Door

    Perfect for businesses that require precise temperature control, insulated garage doors offer reliable solutions. These doors are particularly well-suited for establishments dealing with temperature-sensitive products, such as food storage. They provide a safeguard against temperature fluctuations and help prevent spoilage.


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Dominic Rivera

Exemplary service at a fair rate. The technician tackled my opener issue quickly and deftly, despite my skepticism. The pricing was, as I've said before, remarkably reasonable. My warm recommendation is to give them a try.

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Melanie Mitchell

Eli exhibited exceptional expertise and professionalism. He swiftly and adeptly completed the installation process, leaving me both delighted and enlightened. Interacting with your team was an absolute delight! A big thanks!

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Samuel Maldonado

My experience with Same Day Service garage door company has been unparalleled. The technician executed an impeccable job and meticulously verified the door's flawless operation. I extend my heartfelt recommendations, and I'm exceedingly grateful.

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Isabella Lawrence

Absolute excellence! The installation, which I anticipated would take days, was completed in mere hours. Your flawless work is deeply appreciated.  My wholehearted endorsement follows!

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Oliver Patterson

In just a matter of hours, the technician came to my aid and mended a broken spring. His professionalism and seamless execution of the task left me mightily impressed. I wholeheartedly recommend this company!

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Veronica Young

The fusion of cost and service was nothing short of exceptional. We're deeply appreciative of the technician's outstanding work. Moreover, my new garage door is not just functional but exceptionally stylish. This company gets my wholehearted recommendation!

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